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Okay, so, I'm trying out this site for the first time, and I thought for my first entry, I'd talk about an Adventure Time AU I had an idea for and was wondering if anyone else would like it. Basically it's where everyone is human and it isn't after some kind of apocalyptic event or anything. The place everyone lives in is called Noooland, but everyone just calls it "Ooo" due to the strange spelling. Almost all the princesses are heiresses of some kind (eg: Princess Bubblegum is the sugar-addicted daughter of the town's science professor, Lumpy Space Princess is the heiress of the Airline service at Ooo, etc). Ice King is the crazy man who lives on the mountain who has a pet falcon who he calls "Gunther" who he thinks is a penguin. He's delusional because he went crazy after his girlfriend (who he was planning to propose that night) disappeared. It is due to these delusions that he believes he is magic. His niece is Marceline, the lead singer/bassist of the town's band "Heat Signature". She visits him regularly but due to his mind being damaged, he does not remember her at all. And finally, Finn is the deputy at the police station because he wants to be a hero like his dad was before he died on the job. I'm still deciding on what Jake should be in this AU. I'm either just going to have him be a regular dog that Finn's father gave to him when he was just a little baby, or make him human and Finn's older brother (despite being taller than him) and co-deputy with Finn. Also, in this AU, the Lich would be a corporate business-man who is bent on buying the town so he can bulldoze it and build a big factory (that would almost definitely cause pollution).
...So what does everyone think? If you have any questions, headcanons, suggestions, or otherwise anything you'd like to say, feel free to say it.


macki_mackintosh: I made this using a base, and this is a cropped version of the whole picture. (Default)

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